"You know, you're actually good at all this."

I'm Claire Ryan. I live in Vancouver. I write code. I can build almost anything.


I'm from Ireland, and I moved to Canada in 2011.

I first learned how to code when I did a post-grad in Modelling and Numerical Computing. I picked up Java and C, and eventually fell into web development.

Now I'm a full stack developer - I can build websites and apps from the server up to the front end.

I'm also an author of fantasy novels, a bookbinder, a swordfighter, an archer, and a martial artist. And I like Impressionist art.

Even more

The List of Stuff I'm Actually Good At


Frameworks, standalone scripts, or CMSs.


Database schema design and optimization.


Anything with a command line is my jam.


Angular, jQuery, and plain JS.


Configs, modules, and virtual hosts ahoy.

API integration

Too many to name, but I do love Google Maps.


Bootstrap, PureCSS, and plain stylesheets.

Source Control

Git is my best friend.

Links to Everywhere

The best way to contact me is on Twitter.

Where I occasionally rant about programming

Where I keep my public repositories

All the boring stuff about my work history

My personal website for non-code stuff